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NCC Establishes Taskforce To Track CDF Projects

To prevent subpar construction, the National Council for Construction (NCC) has established a Task Force to oversee Constituency Development Funds (CDF) projects around the nation.

Because it wants to make sure the government gets value for its money, the Task Force will raise red flags for any contractor whose performance falls short of the required requirements, according to NCC Executive Director ERNEST NSHINDANO.

In an interview with ZNBC News, he stated that the Task-force would visit constituencies to assess the performance of the contractors and provide local governments with project monitoring recommendations.

Mr. NSHINDANO has also issued a warning that any contractor discovered working with foreigners on CDF projects will face sanctions and be disqualified from applying for government contracts.

The CDF Act makes it explicit that all projects must be carried out by local businesses, according to Mr. NSHINDANO.

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