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NCZ and UCF are able to supply fertilizer with a “D” compound.

According to Zambia’s Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia and United Capital Fertilizer -UCF- Zambia Company Limited, they have the potential to deliver “D” Compound Fertilizer exclusively for the farming seasons of 2023 and 2024.

According to Mr. MTOLO, United Capital Fertilizer is designated to supply over 77,087 metric tonnes of “D” Compound Fertilizer, while NCZ is contracted to supply over 43,292 metric tonnes.

He has reaffirmed that the two businesses will be hired through direct bidding to supply “D” compound fertilizer for the farming season of 2023–2024.

When Mr. MTOLO made a ministerial statement in the National Assembly about the distribution of inputs for the 2023–2024 farming season, he was speaking.

He informed the house that foreign companies would provide the supply of UREA fertilizer, which is not currently produced in ZAMBIA.

The winning bidder will be chosen through an open international bidding process, according to Mr. MTOLO.

He claimed that the ZPPA Act, which governs the Zambia Public Procurement Authority, contains provisions for both direct bidding and open international bidding.

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