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Ndozo lodge owner requests access to cash from restricted account

Chrint Sichamba, the owner of NDOZO Lodge, is asking a court to order the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to give him access to some funds from one of his restricted bank accounts so he can receive medical care abroad.

Sichamba, who need assistance to walk, wants to access the funds so he can travel to Dubai for medical treatment.

One of the accused’s attorneys, Willis Muhanga, claimed in a petition before Lusaka magistrate Sylvia Munyinya that his client was overdue for a medical examination.

However, the accused is unable to get medical care because he lacks the money.

The ACC prosecution team, however, brought up a preliminary problem, claiming that the defense’s application was ineligible due to a lack of jurisdiction.

The prosecution argues that the Higher Court alone should hear the defense’s application since the lower court is ineligible to consider matters pertaining to a restriction order issued by the ACC director general.


On the initial matter, Magistrate Munyinya is expected to rule.


Sichamba, his wife Nambela, and their son David are accused of having 130 counts of corruption in connection with the ownership of property that is allegedly the proceeds of crime.

Sichamba is accused of possessing property that was allegedly proceeds of crime, including two double-story flats and a servant quarter in Lusaka valued at K12 million.

Additionally, it is claimed that he had offices, businesses, and warehouses worth K65 million that are all thought to be the proceeds of crime.

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