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Nelly Mutti Selected To Standing Committee Of Commonwealth Speakers

NELLY MUTTI, Speaker of the National Assembly, has been chosen to represent other African Speakers on the Standing Committee of the Commonwealth Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers.

She was chosen at the 26th Commonwealth Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers, which is now taking place in Canberra, Australia.

Other elected speakers include the Speakers of Mauritius (SOOROOJDEV PHOOKER) and Kenya (MOSES WETANG’ULA).

Ms. Mutti claims that her election proves the Commonwealth’s faith in the Zambian Parliament, particularly with regard to the growth of democratic principles and Zambia’s adherence to the rule of law.

The Speaker promises to use her new position to develop ideas for conference discussions that will help the Commonwealth and its citizens.

Additionally, Ms. Mutti noted in her conference keynote speech that parliaments should take use of contemporary digital advances that allow citizens to participate democratically in discussions on public policy issues and the general welfare of citizens.

According to Ms. MUTTI, legislatures need to make sure that their rigid devotion to legislative traditions, norms, and practice does not cause them to fall behind.

Additionally, the Speaker has received congratulations from Zambia’s High Commissioner to Australia, ELIAS MUNSHYA, on her appointment to the Commonwealth Committee.

According to Commonwealth statistics, the Zambian Parliament is one of the few in the world to have successfully implemented House sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic using a hybrid strategy without interfering with the proceedings.

According to a statement made by Charles Mucholo, First Secretary Press at the Zambian High Commission in Australia,

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