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NHIMA Conflicted With Going Rural

The National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA) has been urged to extend services to the province’s rural areas, where health services are equally necessary, by North Western Province Permanent Secretary GRANDSON KATAMBI.

Only 13 of the 321 health facilities in the province, according to Colonel KATAMBI, have received NHIMA accreditation; five private institutions have also received this designation.

He claims that this is a hint that the Authority has a lot of work to do to make sure that more medical facilities in the province are accredited to the health program.

Colonel KATAMBI stated that for NHIMA services to be appreciated by the general public, they must reach the people in rural health institutions when Labour and Social Security Minister BRENDA TAMBATAMBA visited him in Solwezi.


And Ms. TAMBATAMBA has urged citizens to be patient until the government returns to normal operations under the health insurance program.

The government wants every citizen to be enrolled in the program by the year 2030, she says, adding that the program is still in its infancy.

The health plan is working at an equipment investment program that will assist health facilities with loans to buy equipment, according to NHIMA Board Chairperson RICHARD MWIINGA.

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