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Nkombo implores Zambians to attend each other’s traditional ceremonies

To promote national unity, Local Government Minister GARY NKOMBO has asked Zambians to think about going to as many traditional ceremonies as they can.

According to Mr. NKOMBO, Zambia’s uniqueness offers the 72 tribes a chance to come together through a variety of traditional rites.

Addressing last night in Lusaka at the dinner dance for the Kuomboka Kufuluhela organizing committee, Mr. NKOMBO remarked that participating in traditional rites will aid in racial integration.

He claimed that national unity would be established after people began to value the cultures and traditions of other tribes.

The highest water levels in the Barotse Flood Plains in 20 years, according to IRENE MUYENGA, chair of the Lusaka Kuomboka Kufuluhela Committee, are a sign for a successful Kuomboka Ceremony this year.

The people of Western Province anticipate a successful event this year, according to Ms. MUYENGA, who also holds the title of Induna INUNDE under the Barotse Royal Establishment.

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