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“No Media Reported Police Harassment This Year,”

The chair of the Police Public Complaints Commission, ZUNGA SIAKALIMA, has underlined that no journalists have complained to the commission this year about harassment or maltreatment by police.

Despite hearing of incidences of harassment against journalists in the media, Mr. SIAKALIMA, who is in Livingstone with other commissioners to hear public complaints, claims that no case has been reported to the commission.

He claims that the few complaints the commission has received demonstrate the need for greater public awareness of their legal right to denounce police mistreatment.

As tourists are crucial to boosting the economy, Livingstone Mayor CONSTANCE MULEABAI has urged the Commission to advise police against harassing them.

Ms. MULEABAI claimed there have been a number of complaints from visitors about being harassed by the police when the chairperson and his crew visited her at her office.

Ms. MULEABAI raised concern over police officers who drive automobiles used illegally as taxis yet harass regular people who do the same thing.

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