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Carefully Consider Waste, Councils Advise

The management of solid waste and climate change are major challenges that local authorities should consider.

According to MAAMBO HAMAUNDU, the Permanent Secretary for Local Government and Rural Development, there should be a budget line devoted to bettering solid waste management practices and mitigating climate change.

According to Mr. HAMAUNDU, managing solid trash has proven to be difficult for many governments, particularly those in cities.

He has pushed municipal governments to be creative and accept novel approaches to managing solid waste, like designed landfills.

The primary contributing factor to epidemics of diarrheal sickness, according to Mr. HAMAUNDU, is improper waste management.

Councils should lead the charge in preserving the environment, according to Mr. HAMAUNDU.

He was addressing at a budget conference for local governments from the provinces of Luapula, the Copperbelt, and the Northwest, where the 2023 budgets were being examined.

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