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NZOVU orders RDA to complete work on NAMPUNDWE-MUCHABI ROAD

The Road Development Agency has been ordered by COLLINS NZOVU, a Nangoma Member of Parliament, to intensify work in risky areas along the Nampundwe-Muchabi Road in the Mumbwa District.

According to Mr. NZOVU, the 78-kilometer section of road heading into Blue Lagoon National Park is a cost-effective route and as such needs to be handled quickly.

When the Nangoma lawmaker toured the section of road that had formed trenches and depressions, he was speaking.

Quality materials must be utilized to carry out the works, according to Mr. NZOVU, who is also the Minister of the Green Economy, to prevent a catastrophe.

The government has been guaranteed by RDA Senior Engineer FELIZ MUBANGA that the work will be completed on schedule.

According to Mr. MUBANGA, in order to keep the road from becoming inaccessible, the worst parts have been chosen for graveling.

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