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British Wildlife Officers are trained

British Wildlife Officers are trained

For the expansion of the tourism industry, the government is dedicated to maintaining and managing wildlife effectively.

The government is aware that the tourism sector has limited personnel resources to conserve wildlife and its habitat given the size of the territories, according to tourism minister RODNEY SIKUMBA.

The minister said training and recruiting in the wildlife sector are crucial, and government is giving it the focus and urgency it requires during the formal ending ceremony for the Corded British Army Joint Anti Poaching Task force training.

This was stated in a speech written for him by Mercy Miti, director of human resources at the Department of National Parks and Wildlife.

The British government is happy to help Zambia conserve its amazing wildlife and biodiversity, according to British High Commissioner Nicholas Woolley.

Mr. WOOLEY expressed his confidence that the talents shared will be beneficial to Zambia in a speech read on his behalf by Head of Economic Development and Green Growth, SARAH BLOOM.

The collaborative anti-poaching training will improve the participants’ capacity for conservation, staff planning, and the ability to deliver anti-poaching training, according to Colonel HERMANY KABWITA, National Coordinator for Task Force.

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