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Out of 125,000 G12s, 86,000 receive certificates

The grade 12 examinations were taken by around 86,000 candidates, and they now all have school diplomas.

This is according to Education Minister DOUGLAS SYAKALIMA, out of the 125,000 applicants who took the tests.

According to him, the pass rate increased by more than 2% from 67 percent in 2021.

Mr. SYAKALIMA announced the results in Lusaka, saying those who passed did so sincerely and that the exams were not marked by any leakages.

The improvement in educational reforms in the nation, according to ECZ Chief Executive Officer MICHAEL CHILALA, is what has led to an increase in pass rates and candidates.

According to Mr. CHILALA, the ECZ will this year propose adding Advanced-A Levels to the secondary school curriculum in an effort to boost students’ performance in university education.

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