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Gov Will Repossess Foreign Owner Land Near Military Facilities

According to Lands Minister ELIJAH MUCHIMA, all foreign-owned land that is close to military sites or other property would be seized.

Foreigners occupying land close to any military installation, according to Mr. MUCHIMA, poses a security danger.

When the Minister visited Livingstone Mayor CONSTANCE MULEABAI, he said this.

He encouraged the Livingstone City Council to investigate any potential foreign occupancy of property close to the base of the Zambia Air Force in Livingstone.

And Mr. MUCHIMA advised chiefs NOT to engage in conflict or violence against one another in light of the updated 1958 chiefdom boundary map.

He stated that the boundary map is a component of the consultation process and that chiefs are free to raise any concerns in a peaceful manner if there are any inaccuracies.

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