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Over K72 million Issued to compensate former TAZARA workers

The government has disbursed MORE THAN K72 MILLION as retirement benefits for former Tanzania Zambia Railways Authority employees (TAZARA).

This month, money that had been unpaid for more than 15 years was finally released.

The National Pensions Scheme Authority (NPSA) and the Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZSIC) were the types of pension arrears that had been paid (NAPSA).

According to Frank Tayali, minister of transport and logistics, K72,984,143.81 in unpaid retirement benefits for former TAZARA personnel has been paid in full by the government.

Since then, Mr. Tayali has instructed the former workers to make sure they get their justly due money from NAPSA and ZSIC.

“The money that has been outstanding for so many years will help the beneficiaries and their families in clearing some of the hardships and financial bottlenecks they could have been experiencing. I urge the beneficiaries to put to good use their money so that they are able to get the best out of it,” he said.

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