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People Pledging & Contributing To K’millian Condemned By Man

People Who Pledge And Contribute To The Welfare Of K'millian Are Condemned By Lusaka Man

What a shame that there are people who are eager to donate money so that K’millian can purchase an automobile. Why? He had a chance at life, and if he failed to take advantage of it, let him suffer the consequences. In addition, many people rely on public transportation because they cannot afford Yango.

He aspires to become someone he is not. There are folks here who are destitute and live on K10 each day. They are the ones that require assistance, not someone who can pay for three meals each day and other donations.

Contributors are those who only wish to brag while unable to assist those who are close to them. They are too busy helping someone buy a car to even buy fertilizer for their village uncles. Everyone making a contribution is valued equally (nzeru). Help the elderly, orphans, and mpofu by going. A BRODGE OF VIPERS


Once you catch a thief stealing, you start making donations on their behalf. What about the individuals he reserved? They lack families, do they? Why disregard a person’s effort?

They ought to have called the police and reported him. He simply requires counseling after receiving kumugonesa mu cello. You cannot book your pals then ukana kulipila because niopusa.

If he is unable to pay for yonga, allow him to utilize the bus as a short cut in Twamukati. Is thinking difficult?

This time, Amvela Nsoni Zachani Kupaya Tunyelele Konongo is not even much of a star.


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