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Petitions for LUBINDA The Supreme Court

Given Lubinda, vice president of the Patriotic Front-PF, has petitioned the Lusaka High Court, alleging that his right to a fair trial is being infringed in the case in which he is accused of possessing property that is thought to be the proceeds of crime.

The decision of LUSAKA Magistrate SANDFORD NGOBOLA, sitting in the Financial and Economic Crime Court, not to order the prosecution to turn up the routine statement taken from him before he was charged, has been contested by Mr. LUBINDA.

He claims that Magistrate NGOBOLA has only given his approval for the prosecution to produce specific and exclusive papers as evidence.

Mr. LUBINDA claims that the predicament will make it impossible for him to effectively defend himself.

He referred to the constitution’s article 18, subsection 1.

Mr. LUBINDA is asking the High Court to rule that the Prosecution’s use of only a few documents violates his right to a fair trial in accordance with Article 18 Sub-Article One of the Constitution.

In March of last year, the PF Vice President was taken into custody.



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