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Rapper Big Zulu to fight businessman Phumlani Njilo in a boxing match

Popular South African rapper Big Zulu and well-known businessman Phumlani Njilo are gearing up for a boxing showdown.

The two will go head-to-head at Olive Convention Centre in Durban on Saturday, 9 December.

Big Zulu, who recently secured a first-round knockout against Brian Dings in April, plans to assess Phumlani’s strategy in the first round and aims to knock him out in the second round.

Big Zulu

“During the first round, I will be looking at his plans and what he has to do and in the second round I will take action and knock him down. As a person who is moving too much and who is fast, I need to see his game plan first. My fans know that I’m going to win. I’m not the one who easily loses on something I know. I know what I will face during the fight,” he said.

Big Zulu admitted that there were challenges in his training due to his frequent performances, but he is determined to maintain discipline and recover from a shoulder injury sustained in his last fight.

“I should be disciplined anytime and get training to get back on my feet because, in my last fight, I got injured in my shoulder,” he said.

Big Zulu

On the other hand, Phumlani Njilo, the 30-year-old CEO of Induduzo Bespoke Funerals, said because people bought tickets, he would knock out Big Zulu in the first third round.

Phumlani is from the charismatic Njilo family in Pietermaritzburg. He is the son of the popular philanthropist Themba Njilo.

He said Big Zulu is a big guy and he has power, but he has no stamina because he eats too much meat like usu and inhloko as Inkabi.

“I don’t see him even finishing the first round. He must try to knock me out in the first round and if he fails, he must forget. There will be no punch that will land on me because I’m too quick than him and I’m fitter than him,” Phumlani said.


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