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Plastic Material Manufacturers Should Be Held Accountable

The government has being urged to impose strict requirements on Extended Producer responsibility by the Citizens Environmental and Social Concern, or CESCo.

According to CONWELL HAKAPYA, Executive Director of CESCo, producers must be held responsible for the plastic packaging they generate.

According to Mr. HAKAPYA, who was interviewed by ZNBC news in Lusaka, EPR will encourage producers to create items that are simpler to recycle, remove superfluous packaging, and make sure their products are disposed of responsibly.

According to him, millions of tons of plastic garbage enter the environment each year, causing a variety of problems such as clogging drains, tainting water, and filling up landfills.

The adoption of a mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility, according to Mr. HAKAPYA, is one of the most important answers to the problem of plastic pollution.

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