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Rise In Disease Outbreaks In Northern Province

The large number of disease outbreaks in Northern Province has raised concerns from the presidential advisor on health, ROMA CHILENGI.

The province has reported a number of illness outbreaks, according to Professor CHILENGI, who is also Director General of the Zambia National Public Health Institute (ZNPHI), which calls for immediate action from all stakeholders.

He claims that the government is attempting to find measures to stop the epidemics the province is experiencing with the help of its cooperating partners.

The province has received praise from Professor CHILENGI for being proactive and acting fast whenever there are allegations of an epidemic.

And Northern Province Minister LEONARD MBAO expressed gratitude to the White House for supporting the region in its battle against the breakouts.

Mr. MBAO points out that the province is still keeping track of rising incidences of malaria, syphilis, rabies, scabies, and cholera.

According to him, his office is coordinating with the Provincial Health Director’s office to send personnel to areas where an outbreak is occurring.

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