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Police Bust Illegal Checkpoints Operated by Youths in Serenje District

Authorities in Central Province have uncovered a fraudulent scheme involving youths in Chief Muchinda’s Chiefdom within Serenje District, who had been operating illegal checkpoints. Central Province Police Commissioner, Charity Munganga, confirmed the discovery, stating that swift action has been taken to dismantle the illicit operations.

According to Commissioner Munganga, reports surfaced indicating that certain youths had established unauthorized checkpoints in the area, purportedly for revenue collection purposes. These checkpoints targeted truck drivers, with extortionate amounts ranging between K1500 and K2500 allegedly demanded from each driver passing through.
Upon receiving these reports, law enforcement swiftly intervened, dismantling the illegal checkpoints and apprehending those involved in the scam. Commissioner Munganga emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and integrity of transportation routes.

Dispelling rumors of discord between authorities and local subjects, Commissioner Munganga clarified that the police engagement with Chief Muchinda was productive. She noted that discussions with the chief focused on the eradication of illegal checkpoints within his jurisdiction, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts in maintaining law and order.

Furthermore, Commissioner Munganga highlighted the significance of raising awareness among youths regarding the proper channels for addressing issues such as illegal mining activities. She urged them to refrain from engaging in unlawful practices and instead encouraged reporting such activities to the appropriate authorities, including the police and the Ministry of Mines.

Source: digger

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