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Police detain 20 individuals in connection with vicious assault on police officers

Police detain 20 individuals in connection with the vicious assault on nine police officers in Katete's Kamwaza hamlet, and the Inspector General is considering elevating the officers for their dedication and selflessness.

Police have detained 20 suspects in connection with the assault on police officers in the Katete district’s Kamwaza village.

Last week, a crowd that was enraged after a murder suspect was let go owing to insufficient evidence viciously attacked and critically injured nine police officers.

However, as a result of further inquiries into the incident, the suspects have been captured.

Lemmy Kajoba, the inspector general of police, stated in a statement that the suspects, all male individuals between the ages of 18 and 53, are also suspected of having damaged a police vehicle, a Land Cruiser with the license plate ZP 2502B, as well as taking part in the demolition of 16 homes.

“They were rounded-up today, 24th November, 2022 around 02:00 hours in Joweni, Chinzu and Kamwaza Villages in Katete District. All the suspects are currently detained in police custody while investigations have intensified.

As a remedial measure, Police will enhance civic education aimed at enlightening members of the public on the need for co-existence with the police and other government institutions,” he said.

Mr. Kajoba has additionally warned some people to refrain from politicizing the incident by making rash claims that have nothing to do with what happened in Katete.

Additionally, the IG revealed that the police command is thinking about giving the officers promotions in recognition of their professionalism during the incident.

“Let me seize this opportunity to thank the general citizenry for supporting and acknowledging how officers applied themselves to avert what could have been a bloody incident.

And as such, let me applaud the professional conduct exhibited by officers who applied themselves by exercising maximum restraint amidst serious provocation by the unruly villagers.As a way to recognise their professionalism and sacrifices, my Command is considering to promote the officers involved,” he said.

Mr. Kajoba gave the country the assurance that there are no disturbances to the public’s daily activities in Chieftainess Kawaza or the nearby territories due to the peaceful security situation.

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