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Police officer and three others arrested for robbery

A POLICE officer and three other people have been detained for allegedly stealing a Lusaka homeowner out of K3,400.

The police headquarters has also issued a warning that it won’t defend any officers who are discovered exploiting their official capacity to commit crimes.

According to a statement released by police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale, the incident started when the victim was stopped by the suspects, who were traveling in a white Toyota Allion with the license plate BCF 622, and told to get inside.

According to him, one of the suspects had a police radio, and they allegedly identified themselves as officials of the law.

“Police in Lusaka arrested four suspected criminals in connection with the Robbery that occurred in Lusaka recently.

Police were investigating a robbery that occurred on March 14,  2023 around 12 hours were a man only identified as Zewelanji Phiri was robbed of money amounting to K3,400 in Kamwala trading Area,” he said.

Following the victim’s description of the suspects and the suspect car, according to Mr. Mwale, police were able to stop the suspects’ Toyota Allion, which had the same registration and insurance information that the victim had earlier reported, in Kamwala Trade Area.

He claimed that four individuals, including one who is thought to be a police officer, were detained.

The suspect, according to Mr. Mwale, was wearing his full Zambia Police Service uniform, and efforts to formally identify him have intensified.

According to Mr. Mwale, the Police Command will never cover up for any of its officers who are caught abusing their gear or uniform.

He declared that anyone found breaking the law would face harsh punishment and be held accountable for their conduct.

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