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Political violence is condemned by CPD

The Muchinda local government by-election was held in Serenje District, Central Province, and the executive director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue, CAROLINE KATOTOBWE, has denounced the political violence that has been recorded during the campaigns.

The conflict allegedly started when Socialist party and UPND party members battled during campaigning at four intersections in the Mwalilima and Kamalamba districts.

Zambia, according to Ms. KATOTOBWE, is a peaceful country. She has urged for political tolerance and rigorous obedience to the law.

Also, she has urged all political parties to refrain from inciting violence because it has no place in Zambia’s political system.

Also, Ms. KATOTOBWE has encouraged the Zambia Police Service to carry out its duties impartially and without fear or favor in order to ensure that all violent offenders are held accountable.

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