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Political violence is condemned by ECZ

If the acts of violence persist, the errant political parties running in the Muchinda Ward by-election in Serenje District would be disqualified, the Election Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has warned.

If the acts of violence continue, according to ECZ Corporate Affairs Manager PATRICIA LUHANGA, the Commission would be forced to use the Election Process Act’s provisions, which include disqualifying errant political parties in the remaining days.

According to Ms. LUHANGA, the commission won’t think twice about stopping advertisements in violent areas.

She claims it is regretful and concerning that violence has already begun to be recorded so close to the election on April 20, 2023.

The Commission, according to Ms. LUHANGA, strongly condemns the acts of violence and demands on all involved political parties to follow the campaign schedule that was created and decided upon by all involved political parties following nominations.

Ms. LUHANGA reminded all political parties taking part in the by-elections in a statement to ZNBC News that the Electoral Code of Conduct is applicable during the campaign period and must be followed without fail.

She has urged the leaders of all political parties to persuade their supporters to conduct elections in a manner that is peaceful, tolerant, and conducive to coexistence.

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