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Portugal loses 2-1 to South Korea

Uruguay, who defeated Ghana by the score of 2-0, has been replaced by South Korea, who has advanced to the round of 16.

Three teams hit the field this afternoon with the hopes of joining Portugal in the knockout rounds, but everything changed dramatically after South Korea shocked the European team 2-1.

After losing two to zero to Uruguay, Ghana’s chances of moving on and exacting the ideal retribution were dashed. Uruguay’s victory was insufficient to support Ghana’s aspirations of making it through the group stages.

The Black Stars’ dreams were dashed when Captain ANDREW AYEW missed a penalty, as they gave up two goals in the first 45 minutes.

Prior to Korea’s comeback, Portugal took the lead early through RICARDO HORTA in the fifth minute.

Portugal has the most points in Group H with 6, followed by South Korea with 4.

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