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30 teachers Arrested for cheating in exams.

Lusaka police have detained about 30 instructors for assisting students during the just completed grade nine exams.

According to IAN MIYOBA, secretary of the Lusaka District Education Board, the instructors were called to his office on Friday morning for questioning.

He claims that the teachers, who were also all invigilators, conspired to help the students throughout the exam period.

Meanwhile, the Teaching Service Commission has begun sending letters of promotion to certain government-employed teachers in Kitwe on the Copperbelt.

At a meeting conducted at Parklands Secondary School, Christopher Nyungila, secretary of the Kitwe District Education Board, commended the teachers and tasked them with continuing to work hard and achieve effective outcomes.

And MARY KAWAYA, a teacher who has served as the department’s interim head for more than ten years and was just promoted, hailed the government for their generosity.

In the meantime, during the recently completed grade 7, 9, and 12 tests, Kitwe District did not report any instances of examination malpractice.

The effective procedures, according to District Education Board Secretary CHRISTOPHER NYUNGILA, are what made the 2022 exams a success.

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