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PPP On Lusaka-ndola Dual Carriage Way Supported By CB Chiefs

The public-private partnership model taken by President HAKAINDE HICHLEMA to build the Lusaka-Ndola dual road has the Copperbelt Chiefs delighted.

The Chiefs said they are pleased with the deal being signed for the construction and upgrade of the 375 km road.

Speaking on behalf of the other 12 Chiefs who met President HICHILEMA in Luanshya today was Chief NKAMBO of the Lamba people of the Masaiti District.

He claimed that despite numerous presidents’ promises to improve the roads, nothing ever materialized.

Chief NKAMBO asserted that for government to succeed, everyone must unite behind the leader.

He declared that the Chiefs will back the President fully and not abandon him.

The Chiefs were gracious enough to meet with President HICHILEMA, who thanked them.

He declared that the administration wanted to keep working with Chiefs and learning about the problems that affected their subjects.

Chiefs, according to the President, are essential to national development because they have firsthand knowledge of matters that have an impact on the populace.

In his address to the Chiefs, President HICHILEMA said that while his first year in office was intended for him to heal wounds and bring the nation together, he is now focusing on delivering and addressing issues that many people have.

He said that issues including agriculture, water, sanitation, and education are finally being addressed.

Also, President HICHILEMA asked the chiefs not to feel constrained because they are significant institutions and the government will not treat any one chief differently.

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