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President HICHILEMA and MWATA KAZEMBE hold a meeting

The Lunda People of Mwansabombwe’s MWATA KAZEMBE has been asked by President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA to continue advising the administration.

Traditional leaders are seen by President HICHILEMA’s administration as important collaborators in the nation’s development process.

President HICHILEMA stated his administration will move away from prior instances where some Chiefs were accommodated more than others when he met MWATA KAZEMBE at Community House Friday afternoon.

The MWATA’s accommodating nature even while he was in the opposition was praised by the head of state.

And President HICHILEMA was praised for receiving him by MWATA KAZEMBE.

The traditional leader explained that he had stopped in Lusaka on his way from Chipata, where he had gone to attend the Nc’wala Traditional ceremony of the Ngoni people, and that he had made the decision to pay a courtesy call on the President before going for Mwansabombwe.

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