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Nalumango Suggestions For Businesswomen

According to vice president MUTALE NALUMANGO, the government has incorporated technology solutions into every facet of its operations to advance the nation’s digital agenda.

According to Ms. NALUMANGO, this is the reason why the government has stayed devoted to improving economic literacy as part of its plan to realize its 2023 vision.

Speaking at the ABSA Women’s Day Gala Dinner in Lusaka, Mrs. NALUMANGO urged women to expand their enterprises by utilizing the rapidly developing digital technology industry.

The vice president also commended ABSA bank for using a variety of efforts to reach over 4,000 women-owned companies.

AUSTIN MWAPE, the chairperson of the ABSA Board, stated that women’s inclusion in technological fields has to receive special attention.

When given the chance to contribute to the nation’s economic development, women, according to Dr. MWAPE, are equally capable of doing the job.

Addressing at the same ceremony, ELIAS MUBANGA, Minister of Small and Medium Business Development, advised women to utilize the initiatives for women’s entrepreneurship to expand their enterprises.

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