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HH Is Planning Meetings With Qatari Ruler

In preparation for the 5th United Nations Conference on the Least Developed Countries-LDC, which is set to begin on Sunday, President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA is now in Doha, Qatar.

At 05:50 local time, a Qatar Aircraft carrying the President and First Lady, MUTINTA HICHILEMA, landed at Hamad International Airport.

At the conference, which will be held to, among other things, mobilize more support measures and action in favor of LDCs, President HICHILEMA will participate with other Heads of State and Government of LDCs.

In his ongoing, relentless efforts to draw investments into Zambia’s key economic sectors, including agriculture, energy, transport, infrastructure, and industry, the President is also scheduled to meet with the ruler of Qatar, TAMIM BIN HAMAD AL THANI, as well as important investment players from that nation.

The inaugural Earthna Summit, which will be held in conjunction with the Conference and have as its theme Sustainable Routes for Hot and Arid Areas, will feature President HICHILEMA as a prominent panelist.

The President will present a case for Zambia on agriculture and food security at the summit, which will bring together global, regional, and local policymakers and business leaders, in an effort to attract investment to the sector and secure Qatar and other Middle Eastern markets for Zambian agricultural produce.

The country will be able to take advantage of the current global alliances, international assistance, and available financial and investment opportunities by the President’s participation in the LDC5 Conference, which will help the nation’s economy recover.

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