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Prince Kaybee labelled homophobic

Twitter is abuzz following Prince Kaybee co-signing the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill. The DJ set himself on fire yesterday when he questioned social media and has since dubbed him as homophobic.

Prince Kaybee is only coming under fire following his reaction to the Ugandian anti-homophobic bill. While social media was still taken by how backward, unprogressive, and homophobic the country of Uganda was. Prince Kaybee jumped into their bandwagon by co-signing one of the proposed anti-homosexuality acts with its penalty, some of which included jail and death.

Prince Kaybee

When did yall decide that I’m homophobic?” wrote Prince Kaybee

For Prince Kaybee to endorse an anti-homosexuality bill, alone has opened him up for much scrutiny. However, what has really upset scores of tweeps is his back-paddling and questioning them, when did they decide that he was homophobic?

“.@PrinceKaybee_SA: I agree with the (violently homophobic and dangerous) Uganda Bill, the gays must not recruit children” Also Prince Kaybee:” wrote Nolwazi Tusini

“You ‘agreed’ that children were being recruited into homosexuality. This is simply untrue. Obviously, nobody recruits anyone into any sexual orientation. That rhetoric is dangerous and vile. Queer does not = predator. Your (internalized) homophobia is showing.” wrote Kuhle

“Be fkn for real Kabelo. You looked at the Ugandan Harsh Bill and endorsed some of it. A baseless point even. The point is that stupid hateful people try to push Queer people. Don’t play dumb.” wrote Bono

This is one of the reasons, scores of tweeps have collectively joined hands to lambast Prince Kaybee as homophobic.

“You clearly agreed with point 4 of the absurd bill penalties, that there should be no children recruited to homosexuality. Which clearly means you believe homosexuals recruit people Kabelo, RECRUIT!Kabelo, Even worse, children?The hell?You seriously believe kuhanjwa kuRecruitwa?” wrote Mosuli Booi


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Nadia Nakai

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