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SEAN TEMBO is sued by Leslie Mbula

PEP, or Patriots for Economic Progress Former Cabinet Secretary LESLIE MBULA has filed a lawsuit against President SEAN TEMBO for allegedly making disparaging comments about President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA.

Attorney General MULILO KABESHA is the first respondent in the case that Mr. MBULA has also sued.

He asserted that Mr. TEMBO consistently used harsh language when criticizing President HICHILEMA on his Facebook Page for a variety of reasons.

Mr. MBULA claims that it is against Zambian law to make disparaging statements about elected officials.

He adds that the practice violates national values and cultural norms outlined in articles 8 and 9 of Zambia’s Constitution.

Due to Mr. TEMBO’s use of derogatory language in his public debates, Mr. MBULA asks the Constitutional Court to rule on whether or not freedom of expression has no restrictions.

This information is found in an initial summons submitted to the Constitutional Court.

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