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Russian Vladimir Putin, Kim meet, vow new multipolar world

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un embraced Russian Vladimir Putin on his arrival at Pyongyang’s airport on Wednesday, and the two leaders shared their “pent-up inmost thoughts” and agreed to develop their nations’ relations, North Korean state media said.

Putin, who arrived before dawn, is on his first trip to the North Korean capital in 24 years, a visit likely to reshape decades of Russia-North Korea relations at a time when both countries face international isolation.

The countries’ partnership is an “engine for accelerating the building of a new multi-polar world” and Putin’s visit demonstrates the invincibility and durability of their friendship and unity, North Korea’s state news agency KCNA said.

Russia has used its warming ties with North Korea to needle Washington, while heavily sanctioned North Korea has won political backing and promises of economic support and trade from Moscow.

The United States and its allies say they fear Russia could provide aid for North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, which are banned by UN Security Council resolutions, and have accused Pyongyang of providing ballistic missiles and artillery shells that Russia has used in its war in Ukraine.

Moscow and Pyongyang have denied weapons transfers.

Kim greeted Putin, shaking hands, embracing and talking beside the Russian leader’s plane. The pair then rode in Putin’s Russian-made Aurus limousine to the Kumsusan State Guest House.

Source: eNCA

In other news – Justin Timberlake arrested in Hamptons

Justin Timberlake has reportedly been arrested during his tour. As per the report of ABC News, the singing sensation is due in court on 25th June, after being arrested for a drunk driving incident in Sag Harbor, New York on 17th June’s night.

Justin Timberlake

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