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Ramaphosa refutes claim that his ministers “live like rock stars”

Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, has denied accusations that his new cabinet is overstuffed and has vowed to restructure the administration.

President Ramaphosa was questioned in parliament on Thursday by Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen about whether it was appropriate for ministers to “live like rock stars” when the general populace suffers.

They have 98 residences worth more than a billion rand, free power, free generators, and expensive luxury cars, according to Mr. Steenhuisen.

The President said, “Oh, I don’t know about rock stars.

When asked if South Africa had the world’s largest cabinet, Mr. Ramaphosa responded that it was “essentially in line with others” and refuted the opposition leader’s assertions to the contrary.

According to local media, the DA has announced that it will picket on Monday to protest the “luxurious” lifestyles of ministers.

Early this week, the president made adjustments to his executive, including the establishment of two new ministries.

Ministers in South Africa get annual salaries of up to $135,000 (£113,000), plus perks like personal employees and luxuries vehicles, making them some of the highest paid in all of Africa.

Given the state of the economy, there has sometimes been public resentment over their pay.

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