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Ramaphosa requests that his deputy put off leaving

David Mabuza, the president’s deputy, has been urged to hold onto his position until the transfer is complete.

According to reports, Mr. Mabuza stated that the president had “accepted” his resignation and that a statement regarding it will be made at a funeral gathering on Saturday.

He stated that he thought it made sense for him to make room for Paul Mashatile, who was chosen as the ANC party’s vice president in December.

However, the president wanted Mr. Mabuza to stay until the transition process was complete, according to the presidency’s spokesman on Sunday.

On Monday, Mr. Mashatile will take the oath of office as an MP. His election to the legislature will make it possible for the president to appoint him as the nation’s deputy leader.

On Thursday, Mr. Ramaphosa is scheduled to give his state of the nation address in Cape Town.


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