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Government Making Progress Against Cancer

According to the government, tremendous progress is being made in the fight against cancer.

Muma Musonda, the district commissioner for Mungwi, stated that lowering the incidence of cancer in the nation is essential to achieving universal health care.

According to him, this is in keeping with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3, which places an emphasis on everyone having access to good health and wellbeing.

This was mentioned by Mr. Musonda during the World Cancer Day ceremonies yesterday at the Nseluka clinic in the Mungwi District.

In order to avoid cervical cancer, he has now asked parents and guardians of girls between the ages of 9 and 14 to ensure that they receive the full dose of the Human Pupiloma Virus (HPV) vaccination.

I also urge girls and women to get screened for cancer and seek an early diagnosis if they exhibit symptoms, Mr. Musonda said.

In order to deal with the social and emotional effects of cancer, he continued, “I further urge you to develop social support networks to talk about cancer.”

Earlier, Ernest Mutale, director of health for the Northern Province, urged both sexes to participate in the fight against cancer, stating that it may be prevented even though it kills.

Dr. Mutale also exhorted the residents of Mungwi to benefit from the cancer care being offered in various medical facilities nearby.

Jacqueline Muma and Elizabeth Munthali, two cervical cancer survivors, also discussed their diagnoses and treatment options.

The topic of the memorial, which featured theatre and dance, was “Closing the Care Gap: Everyone Deserves Access to Cancer Care.”

Sub-Chief Mutale Mukulu, his village leaders, and some top health professionals from the Kasama and Mungwi districts were present.

As most of its health facilities still lack testing equipment, Mungwi is one of the districts in Northern Province with a poor adoption of cancer screening and preventive programs.

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