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Northern Province Faces Challenges With Food Production Due to Chikote

Northern Province has been tasked with using the region’s abundant water sources to boost fisheries and livestock output by Minister of Fisheries and Livestock MAKOZO CHIKOTE.

According to Mr. CHIKOTE, the administration wants to see the region’s animal and fisheries production rise to new levels so that it can begin feeding the country and the region.

According to him, the government’s goal is to address the difficulties faced by livestock producers in order to alter the country’s economic narrative on the livestock and fishing industries.

This was remarked by Mr. CHIKOTE on Sunday when he paid Northern Province Minister LEONARD MBAO a visit at his office in Kasama.

And Mr. MBAO commended Mr. CHIKOTE for his dedication to the growth of the cattle and fisheries industries in the province.

Mr. CHIKOTE is scheduled to visit the Chipompo Livestock breeding facility in Kasama and the Mungwi Upper Lands, where farmers raise grass for animal feed.

Along with other regions of the province, he is anticipated to visit the Kalungwishi ranch in the Lunte district.

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