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CSOs applaud the government’s public gathering bill

Several civil society organizations (CSOs) claim that the government’s decision to replace the Public Order Act (POA) with the Public Gatherings Bill is a step in the right direction toward advancing democracy in the nation.

This, according to Consortium Chair ANDREW MWENDA, is the result of extensive stakeholder engagements on the Public Gatherings Bill.

According to Bishop MWENDA, the CSOs are optimistic that the Bill’s final version would accurately represent the wishes and ambitions of the Zambian people.

He says that the government deserves praise for having driven the process of repealing and replacing the Public Order Act.

Bishop MWENDA was speaking in Lusaka at a gathering of civil society organizations as they reflected on 2022 and made predictions for 2023.

He continues by saying that CSOs are hoping the Election Commission of Zambia (ECZ) will also consider matters pertaining to electoral reforms.

Bishop MWENDA recommended that ECZ take into account removing all obstacles that continue to prevent marginalized communities from participating in politics.

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