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SAPS female cop records herself forcing her son to have s.e.x

After all, all we want is justice for this young boy for what his alleged mom made him do! No mother could watch this two-minute video without becoming enraged.

The video taken by the n@ked mum herself, shows her forcing her son to have s.e.x with her. Even when he says, “I can’t do it,” she won’t let him get away.

The woman continues opening her thighs and says: “Do it!”

The publication received an anonymous call from a person who said he was worried about the boy in the video and that they should intervene.

SA policewoman records herself forcing her son to have tlof tlof

In the video, a woman, who is apparently the mother of the young boy, who appears to be about 12, is seemingly forcing him to have s.e.x with her.

When the video starts, the woman who is filming herself can be heard saying, “Wait, wait.”

Then, the fully n@ked woman continues saying: “Get on top of me, get on top of me!”

While she is busy filming, the young boy can be seen struggling to find a way to do what his alleged mum wants him to do, he says: “Ma, I don’t know how to do it.”

The woman then continues opening her thighs so that the boy can penetrate her and then says: “Do it.”

The boy then strokes the woman while looking at the camera.

It is alleged that the mum is a police constable based in Limpopo.


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