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Mother recounts her autistic son’s sodomy as proof that boys are not safe either

VISIBLY distraught, a mom described how she learned that her autistic 10-year-old son had been sodomized twice by a 25-year-old neighbor in Chungu Township, Lusaka.

In addition to having autism, a spectrum disease that affects how a person perceives and interacts with others, the victim is currently dealing with the trauma of having been sodomized, allegedly by Peter Jere, who is thought to be HIV positive.

The boy’s mother reported the incident to Lusaka Magistrate Sheila Mweene on Tuesday. She said her son had been molested twice and that the day she found out about it, his alleged aggressor had picked him up from home around 15:00 hours, and he hadn’t come home until the evening.



The boy told his parents after arriving home after 8:00 p.m. that he had been sodomized by Jere, aka Manyoni, the court was told.

This year’s March 3 and 4 are purportedly when the alleged  molestation occurred.

Jere first argued that he was not mentally capable of facing charges, but a psychiatrist’s report found that he is capable of standing trial.

The mother of the child testified on the second day of the trial on Tuesday that her son was sodomized twice, the second time taking place in an incomplete chapel.

She stated that on the relevant day, the victim, who is typically reserved, repeatedly called her without saying anything.

I then told him to remove the cloths, his porta was red. I then got my son and proceeded to Chunga police to report the matter. I then went to the accused’s residence but never found him,” she said.

The victim was later sent to the University Teaching Hospitals the next day for treatment where he was evaluated and started on pre-exposure prophylactic medication.

“I was told by hospital staff that that the results were to be sent to the police once out. After sometime, I went to the police to ask if the results are out but they told me I can’t access the results unless from court” the woman narrated.

The accused was later detained at the victim’s home, where he had gone to apologize for his behavior with his mother, the court was informed.

The accused came with his mother to my house, they pleaded that he should not be jailed because he is sick and HIV positive,” the woman narrated.

The accused inquired during cross-examination as to what color of clothing he had on when he visited the victim’s home.

I did not pay attention because I was angry,” the witness replied.

At this point, the victim was called into the courtroom to testify but journalists were excused since the Child Code Act does not allow coverage of juveniles.

Trial continues next month.


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