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Missing student, age 6, whose teacher expelled her for sobbing in class

A six-year-old girl is purportedly missing after her teacher sent her out of class because she began crying during classes, and police in Kawambwa district are searching for her.

Precious Kaunda, a preschooler from the PWD compound, vanished last week on Tuesday when Esther Nanyangwe, the instructor, yanked her from the classroom.

According to Gloria Mulele, the commanding officer of Luapula Province, the police have kept hunting for the child because they believe there may have been a mistake.

According to Ms. Mulele, the youngster vanished on January 17, 2023, sometime between 11:00 and 16:00.

She claimed that when the youngster arrived at school, she began crying in class and the teacher decided to take her outside, but she never came back.

Ms Nanyangwe, a pre-school teacher was teaching the pupils and Precious started crying and disturbing other pupils. The teacher took her out of class and she did not come back until the pupils knocked off at 16:00 hours. The parents went to the teacher around 23:00 hours and it was at that point that she learnt of the missing pupil,”said Ms Mulele.

She claimed that after making multiple attempts, the father of the student, Jackson Kaunda, reported the incident to the police on January 22, 2023.

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