Regarding Vinicius Jr.’s alleged racist abuse, La Liga has filed charges

According to La Liga, it has reported Vinicius Jr.’s racial insults to the “appropriate legal, administrative, and athletic agencies.”

The Real Madrid winger, who is 22 years old, claimed last week that the Spanish league “continues to do nothing” regarding “racists” attending games.

During the 2-0 victory at Real Valladolid on December 30, it appeared as though the Brazilian was the target of racial slurs from spectators.

The La Liga declared in a statement that aggressive behavior had “no place in sport.”

According to La Liga, Valladolid Magistrates’ Courts have received a criminal complaint for hate crimes that has been substantiated by video evidence posted to social media platforms.

The league made it clear that it would step up its efforts to “eradicate any sort of violence, bigotry, or xenophobia inside & outside stadiums.”

La Liga said that announcements would be made over the public address system and advertising hoardings surrounding the pitch to “fight and condemn racism” at locations thought to pose a risk of potential racist behavior in the stands.

Racist slurs directed at Vinicius, a player for Brazil, were submitted to the prosecutor’s office by La Liga in October 2021.

The inquiry into racist chanting by Atletico Madrid supporters was shut down by Spanish authorities last month because it was impossible to identify those responsible.

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