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“remember Kk’s Virtues”

In preparation for tomorrow’s April 28th celebration of KK Day, the Center for Policy Dialogue has urged Zambians to recall the ideals that First Republican President KENNETH KAUNDA stood for.

Unity and peace were two of the many ideals championed by Dr. Kaunda, according to Executive Director CAROLINE KATOTOBWE, and it is crucial that the nation always upholds them.

According to Ms. KATOTOBWE, Dr. KAUNDA and his fellow leaders committed their lives to serving the public good so that every person might stand proud and free.

The fact that the current UPND leadership has put Zambia on the path to unification in the expectation that a unified Zambia will achieve economic transformation is also lauded by the speaker as positive.

This was said by Ms. KATOTOBWE in a statement provided to ZNBC News in LUSAKA today.

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