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Mwamba Is Concerned About Child Abuse

The Minister of Community Development and Social Services, DOREEN MWAMBA, has raised alarm over the frequent complaints of child maltreatment and HIV/AIDS infection.

It is terrible, according to Ms. MWAMBA, that some children are neglected and end up on the streets or are married off at a young age.

During the National Child Safeguarding Framework Launch in Lusaka today, Ms. MWAMBA delivered this statement via Acting Permanent Secretary PUMULO MOYO of the Ministry of Community Development.

According to research conducted in 2018 on violence against children in Zambia, 10% of boys and 20% of girls reported having experienced sexual assault before the age of 18, and just 7% of males who had been sexually abused received treatment.

The Child Safeguarding Framework, which has been launched, will guide the conduct of both state and non-state actors toward children, according to Save the Children Country Director JO MUSONDA.

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