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Arrival of Zambians from Sudan in Ethiopia

Following the turmoil that has gripped the North African nation, TEN Zambians who were residents in Sudan have safely arrived in neighboring Ethiopia.

Over 400 people have died in battle between the Sudanese Army and the Paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, which has prompted several nations to evacuate their citizens.

The 10 Zambians who have arrived in Ethiopia, according to Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister STANLEY KAKUBO, include a family of four and six students.

In a statement to ZNBC News, Mr. KAKUBO claimed that the citizens are now being looked after by the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia.

He has admitted that another citizen has entered Ethiopia from Sudan.

The Minister stated that a second Zambian national is still in Khartoum and that the Zambian Embassy in Addis Abeba, which manages Sudan, is in daily contact with regard to travel plans.

The remaining citizens, according to Mr. KAKUBO, are traveling to South Sudan, Saudi Arabia, the Chad, Egypt, and other nations.

He claimed that the evacuation plan to safer regions has been made possible by their respective employers.

32 Zambian citizens were known to be living in Sudan at the beginning of hostilities, including eight peacekeepers from the Zambia Army and Zambia Police Service, six students at universities abroad, two children, and sixteen other people working for various international organizations, including the United Nations.

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