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Reportedly encouraging Sodomy, Sistah Sistah Foundation defies March past

Instead of protesting gender-based violence (GBV) and raising awareness about the sexual assault of women and girls, an organization called Sistah Sistah, based in Lusaka, has stunned many by apparently marching in support of LGBT rights.

Police gave the Sistah Sistah gathering permission to march, but they disobeyed the permission because they included LGBTQ rights in their statement.

As they did not request authorization to march for LGBTQ rights, police have subsequently summoned the march’s conveyers.

Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale said in a statement that the application to march was made on February 22 this year and is scheduled to take place on March 4 at the Rugby club show grounds.

According to Mr. Mwale, the permit was issued in light of the fact that the Police Victim Support Unit has noticed an upsurge in GBV issues.

“As such, this was deemed to be a noble cause by the Police. In the same vain, the same request was made to the Lusaka City Council and the Sistah Sistah Foundation were given a go-ahead.

It has, however, come to the attention of the Zambia Police Service that during the said March-past, conveners exhibited a  different agenda from the one whose permit they sort for. The agenda seemed to have highlighted issues of LGBTQ ,” he said.

He claimed that practicing Sodomyis against the law in Zambia and is subject to punishment.

The same-sex behaviour between consenting adults is illegal, according to Sections 155 and 157 of Zambia’s Criminal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

According to Mr. Mwale, Zambia is a Christian country and the government does not support sodomy

“It is in this vain that the Zambia Police Service has summoned the conveners of the March-past in order to ascertain why the event was turned into a forum for championing Sodomy. Members of the public are therefore, warned that they should not flout the law deliberately by taking advantage of the prevailing environment that allows for freedom of expression and assembly,” he said..

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