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Residents of Ngwerere neighborhood awoke to 27 bodies left on the road

Residents of Lusaka's Ngwerere neighborhood awoke to the horrifying discovery of 27 bodies left on the road by unidentified people.

Only one of the 27 is thought to be alive and has subsequently been taken by ambulance to the University Teaching Hospital.

In an interview with #Mwebantu, police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale revealed that preliminary investigations revealed that the 26 people who died and the person who was gasping for air were all from Ethiopia.

“Members of the public discovered 27 bodies in Ngwerere area,they alerted the police who rushed to the scene and found the 27 bodies with one gasping for life.

The one gasping for life was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital, the time he was rushed to  the hospital he was unconscious.Police rushed to the scene and investigation conducted so far has discovered that they are all males and believed to be of Ethiopian nationality,” he said.

Mr Mwale said police have since instituted investigation into the matter.

“For now we cannot say what transpired because our investigations are still in going.

We ask members of the public to be calms and not to panic and we ask the members of the public in Ngwerere area to assist us with information,” he said.

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