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Retired Teachers Instructed To Leave Staff Houses

The Copperbelt’s educational authorities have been ordered by the education minister, Douglas Syakalima, to remove all retired teachers who have received repatriation allowances from institutional housing right away.

In an interview with ZNBC television this morning in Kitwe, Mr. Syakalima stated that teachers who have not yet received repatriation allowances must pay their dues in order to leave institutional housing.

He asserted that it is intolerable that newly hired instructors struggle with housing while there are homes available in school grounds.

In response to the increasing enrollment that has occurred since the establishment of the free education policy, Mr. SYAKALIMA also stated that the government is addressing the issue of housing for newly hired instructors.

According to him, the government wants to make sure that teachers are committed to their jobs without being hindered by difficult accommodations.

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