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Ilo Endorses Zambia’s Socialisation For Social Protection

The International Labour Organization -ILO- has complimented Zambia for extending the country’s social protection coverage to the informal sector under the National Pensions Scheme Authority -NAPSA.

Andrew Allieu, a senior social protection specialist for the International Labour Organization, praised Zambia for exceeding the 24 percent mark for social protection coverage while speaking at the 49th session of the African Region Labour Administration Centre -ARLAC – High-level Meeting for Senior Officials in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia.

Mr. ALLIEU urged member nations to cooperate to close the gap because the global goal was to reduce it by 40% by 2025.

ARLAC’s Advanced Labour Market Courses are ready to be implemented in Zambia, according to Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour ZECHARIAH LUHANGA.

He declared that a Memorandum of Understanding between ARLAC and the University of Zambia and the Open University of Mauritius was currently being signed.

By offering recognized training appropriate for employees of the Labour Administration system in ARLAC member countries, Mr. LUHANGA claimed the effort will assist participants in the labor market and Zambians across many industries.

Moreover, Zambia was chosen to serve on the ARLAC Executive Management Committee for a two-year term (2022-2024) during the ARLAC Governing Council meeting.

INUTU MWANZA, the first secretary for press and tourism at the Zambian Embassy in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, made this claim in a statement.

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