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RTSA issues Warning to motorists before N’cwala ceremony

The N’cwala traditional celebration will take place this weekend in Chipata, Eastern Province, and THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has urged all road users to make sure they abide by traffic laws and regulations.

Mukela Mangolwa, the agency’s interim head of public relations, has warned attendees, particularly drivers, not to drive while intoxicated or at excessive speeds since they run the risk of being caught and prosecuted.

“The Agency would like to warn motorists and the traveling public that it will be on high alert to ensure the safety of all road users during and after the ceremony,” he said.

In order to guarantee complete compliance among drivers and the safety of all road users, according to Mr. Mangolwa, the RTSA has sent enough officers to the province.

Also, he urged the general population to use the RTSA National Call Center to report bad, negligent, and dangerous drivers.

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