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Chambeshi Women Hit by stray bullets After Truck driver tries to shoot thieves

Two Chambeshi women, ages 37 and 27, were injured when stray bullets struck them as they were operating improvised eateries.

Treazer Kamwendo and Gertrude Chilumba, the two female victims, were caught in the crossfire after truck driver Trust Sakala, 56, fired shots at them in an effort to scare away cargo robbers who tried to steal from his truck.

The incident, according to Copperbelt Provincial Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba, happened yesterday at or around 11:30 a.m. along CCS Road close to the Puma filling Station in Chambeshi.

He claimed that when a truck driver fired shots, two females were shot at and hurt, according to an anonymous call to the police.

“Brief facts are that there are booths and Makeshift Restaurants alongside CCS Road near Puma Filling Station. Along this road, criminals usually jump onto trucks to steal whatever cargo or goods they find on the trucks, especially when trucks stop or slow down. Yesterday, February 20, 2023, Trust Sakala who was driving a Freightliner Truck and Trailer Registration Numbers ALE 4791 and ABZ 9111T belonging to AM Transport Company, was going towards CCS from Kitwe-Chingola road.

It stopped along the road to pick up his fellow driver, who was going to CCS. Immediately, a group of unknown criminals jumped onto the trailer and started pulling the tents. He tried to stop them, but criminals started throwing stones at him. It was at this point that the driver got his pistol and fired several shots towards the group to scare them, forcing the group to run away,” he said.

Sadly, according to Mr. Mweemba, it was found that two women who were selling food in one of the improvised restaurants were hit by stray gunfire and suffered injuries.

Getrude Chilumba, 27, and Treazer Kamwendo, 37, allegedly both suffered gunshot wounds to the left knee and shoulder, respectively.

“Police rushed to the clinic and found victims being attended to and later referred to Kitwe Teaching Hospital. Condition for both is stable. Medical report forms were issued. The truck driver has been detained in police custody for unlawful wounding pending further investigations, while the pistol Luger, serial No C6878 with 13 rounds of ammunition has been confiscated,” he said.

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